Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gettin it done

Today was payday. I got up early to go get my check and cash it. Got a money order to send a big payment to one of the credit cards.
I paid my half of the rent. I bought dog food and groceries for me. Put gas in the car and now I'm practically broke again. I spent less on my groceries than anything else. It's kinda funny in a way.
I almost got a 12 pack of Ramen. It was in my cart for about 5 minutes before I put it back. I don't want to be the kind of broke/poor person who lives on Ramen. Plus it's not healthy, way way too much sodium, and how do you pack almost 400 calories into a package of noodles?!?
I got some spinach and frozen stir fry veggie mix, ground turkey(1/2 the price of ground beef!), another pack of yeast, and a couple of other things. I have chicken, cheese, and burrito wraps left from the last shopping trip. Plus beans, rice, and pasta from who knows how long ago.
No work for me tomorrow. I need to get housework caught up. I will bake bread and I'm going to attempt to make homemade refried beans so I can use up the rest of those wraps. I also need to plan a menu for the next 2 weeks.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Monday

I was off from work today which meant I had a million things to get done at home. I didn't get a lot accomplished. My neck hurts! It hurts to turn my head to the left and if I sit a certain way the pain goes down the left side of my back. Either I slept wrong someway or it's a delayed pain related to the fender bender I was in last Tuesday.
We had a lot of snow and I went out Tues morning to run errands. I wasn't even a block from home when some guy backed out onto the street. I hit the brakes but it did no good. The snow was packed down and it was SLICK. Ran right into him. Did more damage to my car. Broke the headlight, dented the hood and front quarter panel on the drivers side. On his truck it just jammed the bumper up under the truck bed. My car still runs ok. I gotta get someone to pound out the quarter panel because when I turn the wheel very far it rubs. Now...sooner rather than later I have to get another car. I hadn't planned on keeping it forever anyway...maybe a year. Or until I was in a position financially to buy a newer car. I have to start saving up to get another car and I still owe my sister money for this one. Sigh.
I went out and got a couple of application turned in. I really really have to have a second job. My roomie told me last week that he plans on being gone next month. He wants me to pay him back before he goes. It might get done. I need to get the utilities put in my name before he goes too.
It's times like these I wish I had a long lost forgotten uncle leave me a small inheritance.

I started a menu for the upcoming week. I have a grocery list started. I feel very fortunate to have so many stores to choose from, at the same time it makes it a little harder to get things done. Within 10 miles I have Kroger, Walmart, IGA, Fas Chek, and Aldi.
I love (LOVE) Aldi for the basic stuff...cereal, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, milk, eggs, etc. Aldi also had decent produce. I'm skeptical about their meat. I bought a roast there last year and it was very fatty.
I was reading up on container gardening today. I would love to grow some of my own veggies this summer. I attempted a garden years ago when I was first married. Our first place was a trailer in the country. I started a small garden. I planted cantaloupe, zucchini, tomato, bell peppers and carrots(I think). The zucchini did well. Just before we moved (late August), the cantaloupe had finally come around. They were about golf ball size. I caught quite a few rabbits in my little patch of dirt. I'm blaming the rabbits for the failure of the garden as a whole.
I need to figure out what I want to plant soon so I can get my seeds started.
If anyone has had success with a container garden and has any helpful hints I'd very much appreciate it.
I get paid later this week and I will be sending out a big payment to one of my credit cards. That will get them caught up. I have 3 cards and I'm over the limit on 2 of them. The other one I'm less than $100 from my limit. It will feel so good when I get my balance back down to ZERO!
I weighed in Saturday...224,only one pound lost. Hey it's better than gaining.
My debt and weight be warned...You're going down!