Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy dance

I got renewed motivation to walk. Hollie has started a walking challenge. From June 4 thru Aug 4, whoever logs the most minutes walking gets a $50 gift certificate. I really could use $50 bucks to buy new clothes. I walked 1 hour and 25 minutes today. I got an Ipod for my birthday and I love it! I feel like I could walk forever when I have a good song playing.
I went yesterday and got new shoes for work. I decided to look for new jeans too while I was there. My old size 20's were falling off...seriously! I picked up a size 18, went and tried them on. They weren't quite right. I asked my friend Crystal to go find a 16. She came back, I tried those on, buttoned them, zipped them. The fit!! And I could breath and sit. I did a happy dance all the way out the store and to the car. Last night as I laid in bed I was still smiling thinking about it.

I went to the store and bought a pair of size 16 jeans and they fit!


Ron said...

Way to go Amy! Buying smaller clothes is always fun! Keep it up

Millennium Housewife said...

excellent stuff! You should start a drive to sponsor your weight loss, imagine the incentive...MH