Thursday, August 12, 2010


Why oh why do I let people get to me?!?

The mother of my boyfriends children...There are no words that justify just how much this woman annoys me. Today she was over 2 hrs late picking them up. It was getting close to dinner time and I knew they were getting hungry. I told the kids if she wasn't here soon we would go out and get something. About 15 or 20 minutes later she showed up. They told her we were going to go out and she said "Ha ha well I'm here now. Lets go." The tone of the ha ha was like she thought she was taking something from me... or them. I don't know.
Later this evening she said she was going to drop them off because they wanted to spend the night here...again. About 15 minutes before time to drop them off she called and said never mind. The kids were going to stay at her parents.

I moved in 7 weeks ago and while school is out they are supposed to alternate weekends. Every single time it is her weekend to have the kids they are here at least one night and then most of the next day. About 2 weeks ago she dropped them off and went out drinking with her friends.
I tell ya she really has her priorities in order.

And it's not just her that has my panties in a knot. I left a full time job with benefits and good pay to move here. I thought it wouldn't be hard to find something similar. Boy was I wrong!
I have a job but it only part time. And I make $2.55 less an hour. He has a great job. He was paying the mortgage, electric, water, gas, cable, etc, etc before I moved in so I don't have to help him with those things. But I'm still barely getting by. He almost had to pay my car insurance last month. There was a mistake on my final paycheck. It was missing 12 hours. I got that last bit of money just in time.

I love my boyfriend dearly but if I knew this was how things were going to be I would have waited a lot longer to move in.

I have entertained the idea of moving back. But there are so many reasons why I can't do it right now and there are reasons why I wouldn't want to move back at all.

I really needed to vent. I feel a little better.

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