Monday, September 13, 2010

3 for 3 :)

I'm lovin the new gym. I can go whenever I want. I went very very early Sat morning... as in 1 am. I didn't work Friday night so it gave me something better to do besides sit on the couch watching tv and eating. I went Sunday morning after work. I went this morning after work and I went back when Joe went around 11:30 ish.

So far total time on the treadmill 2 hours and 45 min. I also lifted weights Sat and today.

I'm not going to weigh myself too often. It just depresses me. I eat all the good stuff I'm supposed to eat. I kick ass in the gym and every time I get on the d*mn thing it hasn't moved as much as I think it should. So I'm not even gonna go there.


Ron said...

Amy,,,,,,,, where are you ?

Aaron Grey said...

Hi, can I contact you through your email? I've something to share that might interest you.


hailey said...

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