Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hit the reset button...continued

OK where was I...oh yeah...OK.
I gained back 4 lbs. No'll be gone again before long.
I've been saving to buy my own car. My roomie is moving out in a couple of months and I have to have a car before he goes. So in an effort to save as much as possible he was buying all the food. I didn't feel entitled to ask for anything special so there was a lot of frozen pizzas, burritos, you know guy food. We went out for chinese twice in the past two weeks. But in a week I will finally have my car. So after next week I will take control of the grocery shopping again. I'm a control freak so I will make time to plan a weekly menu for myself instead of trying to come up with a dinner that fits my plan every night. He thinks it's a waste of time and food to cook one thing for him and something different for myself. But I don't care what he thinks. He's overweight also but has no desire to change...I do!

I'm going to be an aunt again. My youngest sister, Melissa, is pregnant again. This will be her 4th. She and her husband split right after Easter last year. She's been with this new guy since Sept. If I could clone him I would. He's so close to being the perfect man, it's scary. He opens doors, cooks, cleans, has a steady job, and whatever my sister wants she gets. She is so spoiled. He surprised her at his family's Christmas party. Santa was there and all the kids took turns sitting on Santa's lap. After the kids were done, he sat on Santa's lap. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He said he wanted Melissa to marry him. They had talked about getting married but she didn't know when he was going to propose or how he was going to do it.


Ron said...

Amy, you are correct, you can get rid of that 4 pounds easily, you know how, it's just a matter of making it your priority. You have a plan, you just need to enact it.
Hope to read about the positve results of the plan in action.

Tamzin said...
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