Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well how do you like that?

Frugality has been a way of life for me for a very long time. I don't remember a time growing up when we had any more than just barely enough. I do remember things like searching the house for loose change so we could pay the electric bill, church people bring food over, getting boxes of food from the food bank, and getting scolded for going to the ER in an ambulance because I fell on ice in the 6th grade and knocked myself out.
On second thought maybe those aren't examples of frugality. More correctly it's just being poor. My family didn't eat very healthy. So my opinion has been to eat healthy and lose weight I have to spend a lot of money. But I'm changing my mind! You can eat healthy food on a tight budget.
Oatmeal is so so cheap, so are beans, lentils and rice. I baked bread earlier this week and I have yet to figure out the difference in cost between store bought and my 2 loaves of yummy goodness. But I will.
Split chicken breast was on sale last week at 2 different stores...99c / lb. I got a little over 9 lbs of chicken. 1/3 of it went in the crock pot overnight and got shredded the next morning. I now have a large container of chicken that will be used for many chicken burritos with homemade spanish rice, had it last night for dinner. Very good, my compliments to the chef!
Something funny about the chicken. When boneless skinless chicken is on sale for 1.99/ lb, you are lucky to find a few packages left after a couple of days. I went Thursday night, very near the end of the sale, and the chicken had barely been touched. Skin and bone doesn't account for much of the weight and I only put in 5 more minutes of effort.
The frugal side of me is helping the lose weight and get healthy side of me. I went to the store last night to get a little can of tomato sauce for the spanish rice. I went by the Reece's eggs, 2/$1. My first thought was what could it hurt to get one. Then it was one is never enough. Next time I'm in there I'll want to get another one. And if I want something chocolate I have hot cocoa mix at the house. I also have everything I need to bake a cake or brownies.
I've spent $28 on food so far. I still need to get milk (1/2 gal-2/$3) and 3 dz eggs (18ct-3/$5). Even after that, I'll be under $35. With everything I already had and things I bought, I have enough to last me until next payday.

I'm going to really try to not eat at work. Being allowed to eat and put it on a tab is too convenient. The food was good but I would not normally choose a $5 sandwich or get a $4 sub and fries and cheese sticks. I paid my tab yesterday and it was almost $20. This is after my 50% employee discount too by the way. I got by just fine without eating at work Friday. Tried to do it again yesterday and got yelled at by both managers. "You have to eat." "You can't work 6 or 7 hours and not eat." My pleas of "I'm not hungry" and "I ate right before I came in" went by ignored.

And one final note. I got on the scale this morning, down to 225. Well how do you like that?


Ron said...

Sounds like your all set until next payday.... congrats on the WI!

skinnyfitkate said...

Congrats on your loss! I'm like you...totally addicted to being frugal. We are on a low income here, I refuse to go out and work until my 2 year old is 3. Child care costs would be as much as I can earn anyway. I take great pride on feeding a family of 5 for a week with £60. It isn't easy but I manage it most weeks. Sometimes think I might be too addicted and not allowing the possibility of wealth into my life...hmm. have a great week!

Brandi said...

You know what else is cheap and healthy (in moderation)? Rice. I cook rice in my rice cooker (not the instant kind!) and eat it almost everyday. Its like $3 for a huge bag and lasts forever!

Denise said...

Love the blog...We have a lot in common... including both being hoosiers!! LOL Great job on your loss!