Friday, January 9, 2009

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

First I gotta brag about my very first real NSV. I went to Walmart after work last night to get a few things. I finally got my car yesterday and I didn't have license plate screws. I think those are kinda important...maybe. So got those and a few other car related accessories. I went to find a scarf I had spied when I was there before. Right across the aisle, I saw a clearance rack. I, like most women I suspect, can't simply walk past clothes on sale. I have been wanting/needing another pair of black pants for work. I found one pair in a size 16. I got them, took them home, and tried them on. Holy crap...THEY FIT! They are ever so slightly a bit more snug than I'm used to, but considering the pants I wear to work now threaten to fall off every 10 minutes...I think it'll be OK.
I went today and got my hair cut. Needed that done so very badly. I've went to the same stylist for 2 1/2 years, I love her. I always just get a trim. I've had the same hair style forever. All one length, like an old hippie. (BTW, I love old hippies) Today she asked me what we were doing. I told her I needed a change. I'm all about change. Finally filed for divorce Tues, going back to school soon, losing weight, etc. I told her do whatever you want. She cut 3 or 4 inches, angled the ends around my face, added a few layers, and flat ironed it. I LOVE IT!
I love getting my hair done. The only thing more indulgent and relaxing would be a massage.


Ron said...

Congrats on the NSV, and the changes you are making, Here's to a great 2009!!!!

Tamzin said...

WOOT sounds like you've been doing great.


YoYoNoMo said...

WOW! Life is change and most often change is good! It sounds as if you're breaking free of a whole lot of stuff and moving a the right direction!