Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Before Pics

I finally got around to taking and posting what will be the before pictures. I have always hated having my picture taken. At family get togethers when the camera came out, I would duck outside or into the bathroom. Inevitably someone would catch me off guard and get a shot. Things got better for me when digital cameras came out. If someone got me, I would wait until they set the camera down. Then I would erase the pics of me. I ticked off more than one relative by doing this.
I had to stop myself from deleting these pics after I took them. I said nope, not good pics, you can see my fat round face, my double chin, the spare tire I've got under my boobs. Then I thought if those were camouflaged, the results at the end wouldn't be as dramatic.

1 comment:

Ron said...

Way to go, I did the same thing.. I posted the before pics... I even did it shirtless, but now I know I have to get healthy and lose the weight so I can prove to all those that have seen the before pics that it can be done. Looking forward to reading about your progress!