Monday, November 17, 2008

The Plan

Today is officially day 3 of the magical transformation. I just wanted to highlight on what it is exactly that I will be doing.

I decided Friday night that I was going to do a week long induction. I needed a jump start to this. So I searched the internet and gathered little tid bits of information. Of course I have a wealth of weight loss info in my head already. I will keep my calorie count at 1,000. Unhealthy? Nah. Not for just a week. Once I start exercising for real, I will go up to 1,200 or maybe 1,500 calories. And with the extra 200-500 calories, I will feel like I'm eating like a queen. I might even put real butter on my morning toast.

Nothing is off limits. If I really want it, I will work it in. This part is going to require lots of self control and a few tricks. I may even need to invest in a garbage disposal since I no longer will play the role. I will find healthier versions of the things I like.

Also the usual like drink more water. Eat more fruits and veggies. It disturbs me to think that I can go days without eating a single fruit or veggie. Well unless you count the sprinkle of lettuce you get on a burrito when you make a run for the border. When I make an effort to eat better I focus on fruit and veggies. I ate an apple yesterday. The first one in a long time. It was so good! If you heard me you'd think I was eating a sinfully rich chocolaty dessert. I love fruit and I don't know why I don't eat it more often. I mean do Cheetos and Reese cups really taste that good?

Yesterday I figured out how far I would have to walk around my neighborhood to equal a mile. I can time myself to see how long it takes to walk a mile then work on getting faster. Then when that's easy (relatively speaking) I'll make it 2 miles. A blog I like has a link to a program that builds you up to 100 push ups. I will start that soon.
There is a gym close to me that I'm going to check out after the New Year. Hopefully by then I will have extra money for a membership and maybe they will offer a discount to encourage people who ate their weight in turkey and Christmas cookies to come in.

One last bit of info. My official weigh in will be Mondays. And since it's Monday...
Weight today..... 239

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