Saturday, November 29, 2008

Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

Yesterday I ate way too much, a common problem on Thanksgiving I'm sure. I allowed myself extra calories so I wouldn't feel deprived and I went over that. I'm not about to feel bad about it though. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. There will be times when I will eat more than I really should. If I allowed myself to feel guilty about overindulging, I'd most likely throw in the towel saying... Well I can't stick with it, I'm just going to be fat forever.
To help myself deal with Thursday's indiscretion, I thought of a few reasons why I overate and what I could do next time I'm faced with the same situation.
I didn't have to work. At work I'm busy, there's always something to do. Also at work, every chance I get I'm sucking down Diet Pepsi. I know I didn't drink enough Thursday. I need to mix up some Crystal Light so I have something other than Diet Pepsi to drink. I have plenty of things to do at home to keep me busy too. I could have taken the dog for a walk.
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, they were reduced fat. I had 3, should've just had 2. Next time if there are any left after the roomie gets what he wants I'll throw them in the trash and spray it with cleaner. LOL
Shortly after breakfast I went to the kitchen for a Diet Pepsi. I saw the Pringles can and just had to have some. Next time I will put them away as soon as I get home from the store. Out of sight, out of mind!
Before dinner I really wanted some chocolate milk. I had a really big glass (2 cups). Next time I will have one cup and if I'm still thirsty I can drink water.
By the time dinner rolled around I knew I had gone over my allotment. I figured since I blew it for the day I'd just eat whatever I wanted. I ate twice the normal amount. Next time I will eat a normal portion. Reaching my calorie limit before dinner is no reason to keep going further in the hole. So to speak.
I counted every calorie. I consumed as many calories at dinner as I did for breakfast, lunch and a snack. (BTW, I love the Fiber One peanut butter and oatmeal bars!) On the bright side, I figure I took in less calories Thursday than I would have on any given day before I started this transformation.
Today I'm back at it. I need to take food with me to work so I have a healthy option. Also it will be cheaper than buying something everyday.


Ron said...

Hey Amy,
Just keep at it girl. I didn't do to bad on Thanksgiving. I used to eat the fiber one peanut butter bars, but I found out that the carmel and strawberry and oats are one less pt. There are more calories and fat in the peanut butter one.... Pringles ???? what are pringle's... just kidding...

Losing Myself said...

Thank you for reminding me that this is a LIFESTYLE change, not just a diet, and that I should NOT beat myself up for 'falling off the wagon'. And your title sums up exactly what life is like.

come visit me sometime at Losing Myself

Tamzin said...

HI! found my way to your blog, I'm starting my healthier me journy too! I'll come by and check on your progress.

Heres to hard work!